AMFOR Technology at a Glance

Polymer-based microcapsules are used to protect microorganisms
against multiple threats including UV-radiation, temperature stress,
high concentration of mineral salts, pathogens.

Beneficial microbes are placed into the microcapsules and dried after to get a dry powder ready for further journey. We name the product fertiliser particles.

Fertiliser particles could be then placed over the mineral carrier and used in blends with mineral or organic fertilisers.

You can choose to use them for seed treatment or spray applications.

Or use fertiliser particles over the mineral carrier to place directly in soil.

AMFOR technology is universal and powerful.

Using AMFOR you decrease fertiliser leaching and save our soil and waterways.

Our technology delivers no threat to the fertiliser manufacturers. Economical and technical viability studies show that manufacturers can even increase their profit while becoming more sustainable.